Social Media Marketing Trends

Top 7 Social Media Marketing trends that will Matter in 2019

Social Media is evolving fast and businesses rely on it to target the customers and convert them into buyers. People are highly active on different social media platforms and thus it an effective channel to perform both organic and paid social media marketing. There are several trends that will matter in 2019 but here is the list of some of the social media marketing trends that shouldn’t ignore to grow your brand’s presence.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

1. Social Selling

This is one of the best social media trends. Social selling is the art of using social media to find prospects to connect and buy on different platforms. It isn’t just about connecting with the audience but make the relationship to provide the solution to them at the right time. Most of the decision makers don’t respond to cold calling. The social tools help to reach the audience at the right time also known as social listening. It helps in identifying new leads to your sales team who are already talking about your brand or your industry. Targeting them can result more likely in contributing to sales.

2. Storytelling

Stories are social media trends in marketing seen popularly on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. They grab the attention and capture the emotions and your mind. Stories are a powerful tool to build your brand’s presence online. There is uniqueness while presenting the stories. Visuals and videos are liked by the audience as the picture says a thousand words and add another layer in your social media posts. Content with a relevant image gets more views. Create your narrative story by keeping yourself at the audience place. It is an effective way to present your ideas to the prospects. Try to add personalization to the story. Incorporate user-generated content to get more engagement on the posts.

3. Live Streaming

This is one of the important social media marketing trends which all the platforms are looking to capture the attention. Facebook is a major player when it comes to live streaming. The customers prefer to watch a video while making a purchase rather than reading the post. Facebook live videos are popular than regular videos. The most powerful advantage of live streaming is users can consume the content on your time rather than on their time. This means you are more likely to convert the customers. You can reach a highly targeted audience through live streaming. The best part of this social media marketing trend is it creates real-time engagement.

4. Personalization

Personalized content is one of the huge social media trends in 2019. It means that the business collects the data related to behavior, demographics, interests to provide more relevant content. It helps in building the trust and even more engaging to connect with their audience though it is important to find the right audience. Creating content for a small and targeted group of the audience will let them trust your brand although they don’t trust social media. You need to ensure that social media content is creative, meaningful and immersive.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of association that business builds with the brand to promote their products or services. Today Influencers with the specific niche can provide more value to the businesses. The right influencer can reach the target audience, establish the presence of the brand and drive engagement. Therefore, it is crucial to align with your social media influencers. There are 3 R’s of influence and they are Relevance, Reach and Resonance. Follow these and you will get the right Influencers to promote your products or services.

6. Facebook Messenger

This is one of the latest social media trends which yield results. Engaging with Facebook Messenger allows customers to ask those pre-purchase questions before buying the products and become more satisfied and loyal customers. Now the interaction has become more real time. There are messenger destination ads, sponsored message ads to reach the target audience one-to-one. Deliver the amazing content to help your followers find the relevant content. Engage participants during the event and generate high-quality sales leads. The best part of the messenger is to provide speedy customer support.

7. Chatbots

The Chatbots have gained huge importance since their launch. They save time and money and provide greater customer satisfaction. The main benefit of chatbots is they help increase the customer base. Chatbots have a higher open rate and engagement rate than email because they provide instant response. The personalization has a positive effect on the click-through rate as it is specific to the target audience. The best way to engage with customers is by building a strong relationship with them. Through chatbots, you can inform, educate and entertain on the single platform.

These are the top 7 social media marketing trends that help you to evolve and start planning your strategy for 2019 and make the year successful.