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9 Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic in 2020

The most challenging part for any business is to drive the traffic to the site and hence get the conversions. But it’s not about performing mindless SEO or costly PPC advertising. There are plenty of effective SEO techniques to increase the traffic in 2020.

Here’s how….

1. Create Attractive Meta Tags

Optimize the web pages with attractive Meta tags including titles and descriptions. Add the target keyword and make it friendly for search engines and users both. When the Meta tags are engaging then there will be good CTR and hence ranking will improve according to RankBrain update. This will drive more organic traffic to the site.

2. Create an engaging Guest post

Guest posting is one of the most effective SEO techniques to drive visitors to the site. You should try to include the link in the content of the post rather than the author’s bio because there will be fewer chances to click the link at the bottom. Submit the guest post to the authoritative sites having relevant traffic to increase the traffic to your own site.

3. Link Reclamation

This is one of the powerful SEO techniques that can provide the results with little efforts especially if you’re are a big brand. All you have to do is contact the site owners for mentioning the brand on their site asking them to link back to your site. You can check the sites mentioning your brand by simply setting the Google email alerts.

4. Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are basically additional information beyond the URL. It can be featured snippets at zero position, local search results, knowledge graphs, reviews, images, people also ask and many more. The right rich snippet can drive you more clicks and organic traffic. You can add schema mark-ups to appear in the rich snippets for the product price, reviews and more.

5. Update old Blog Posts

There are a lot of old posts that need to be updated on your site. This will not only add value but at the same time also drive traffic to your site. Imagine if each of your old posts receives 10 new visitors per day then this will add the substantial growth to your site. Share or promote on social media once the content is updated to get more traffic.

6. List-post

List posts are the most effective form of the content compared to others and the potential to drive huge traffic. People love the data appearing in the form of a list as it is in an organized manner. Lists can be understood more quickly than paragraphs. The best part is the list posts can get viral quickly. It has been observed that odd or round number list posts are more popular than even list posts so create them accordingly.

7. Repurpose

Repurposing is one of the popular SEO techniques to get traffic quickly. You can convert the post into video, infographic, ebook, presentation, PDFs, podcasts and more. LinkedIn Posts and Medium are two popular platforms to get huge traffic to the site repurposing the content.

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8. Create Viral Content

Create high quality and relevant content with visuals such as images and infographics. You can add or embed the videos in the posts. Write the content for search engines but make sure it is friendly for the users as well and engage them to take the action. Long-form content gets more shares and traffic than the other forms of the content. Don’t forget to add the sharing buttons and CTA or call-to-action.

9. Post on Social Media at Strategic Times

Promotion is as important as creating the content on the site. Discover the right channels for sharing the content on social media according to the type of business. Posting it at the right time is crucial. Here is the list of channels and popular times for posting.

Time for posting social media

The Bottom Line

Follow the above SEO techniques in 2020 to get massive traffic to the site and grow the online presence of your brand.