Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO – Top 7 Remarkable Tips to do SEO for Mobile Site

With the growing number of mobile users and mobile-first indexing, it is important to optimize the site to provide a great user experience to them. In this post, I have put together the top ten remarkable tips to do SEO for mobile and make the site user-friendly and enhance the experience.

How to do Mobile SEO?

1. Mobile-Centric Strategies

A mobile site should load in less than 3 seconds to provide a great user experience. Perform the page speed test and improve the performance of the speed by the given suggestions. When you do SEO for mobile, add AMPs accelerated mobile pages to load the site extremely fast on the devices. People prefer visual content over the text on the mobile. Use bullets, short paragraphs and call to action buttons to purchase from the brands providing an engaging experience.

2. Prefer Responsive Design

When you develop a mobile site, you have three options to choose from responsive design, the separate site on the subdomain, dynamic serving. The best option is the responsive design which will make the site eligible for mobile-first indexing as well. To check whether your site is responsive or not, check the page source code where “viewport” is the declaration of the mobile-proof.
“<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>”

3. Add Voice Search for Mobile

Voice Search is getting a lot of popularity, especially on mobile devices. Optimize the search results for featured snippets or Google answer box as they are the mostly the part of the search results. Use long-tail keywords to match the user’s queries. Consider the 4Ws+H of voice search including why, where, when, what and How.

4. Try to Add Videos

People prefer watching videos on smartphones than on TV. You can include the product demo videos and customer testimonial video on the mobile site. In fact, animated videos are very popular which are helpful in creating brand awareness. The product video feature is a great way to show people what they are getting before making the purchasing decision.

5. Develop Progressive Web Apps

If your website loading time is more than 3 seconds then your customer may land to your competitor’s site. Thus you can add progressive web apps to reduce the abandon rate of the visitors to the other sites. Here are some key points for the PWAs-
1. You can easily install the PWAs on the home screen. Then you can request a user to install and tactfully ask the user to install the PWA.
2. Your icon image and splash screen should be appealing for installing it.
3. The UI should be attractive and designed well to run even when the internet connection is slow.
4. The program should send alerts when the app isn’t active.

6. Optimize for the Social Media

People are highly active on social media so mobile app or site should have the valuable features adding functionality that could easily be accessible. Create links to the main social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Explore Facebook Live videos and Instagram stories.

7. Additional SEO Features

The loading speed should be less for greater user experience. Avoid a lot of popups as it can be penalized by Google. CSS, Java scripts and images must be allowed for Google bots which make the content rendering on the mobile devices.

The Bottom Line

Follow these tips to make a mobile-friendly site to boost the traffic to your site and improve the performance of the site in a better way.