Instagram Marketing Tips

7 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips that Work

Today Instagram is the powerful channel of marketing in social media to reach the prospects and drive the conversions. This is true for the e-commerce sites as they promote the products having visuals and Instagram is perfect for the marketing of such products with a high level of engagement. Let’s understand using Instagram for Marketing and Instagram Marketing tips later on.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing is the way the business use Instagram to offer their products and connect to the target audience. It allows uploading the images and videos with in-app filters to provide more options and connect to the audience. For this, you should know how to use Instagram for marketing.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Grow your business by marketing and promoting your business on Instagram. You can reach a large audience who are highly active on this channel of marketing. Follow these 7 powerful Instagram marketing tips that actually work on this social platform.

1. Optimize Profile

This is one of the most important marketing tips for Instagram. Fill the basic details such as online profile, contact information and optimize description with keywords. You should take advantage of the features of Instagram by adding clickable hashtags and using your brand hashtags to attract visitors. There is Instagram bio where you can add the link of your profile. You can also let the users go to your personal profile if that fits your branding. The story highlights is a cool feature that allows you to feature the expired stories which will be listed above your Instagram feed on your Profile.

2. Images and Videos

You need to know the type of posts that are popular among the audience and performing well. Users prefer to see the promotional, motivational, products, DIY type of posts so keep variations in adding the posts to your Instagram account. Use short videos to attract the audience as the platform is mostly used by mobile users and they prefer to watch not more than 10-15 seconds. Images are good to add as they drive higher engagements. Lighter images perform well than darker ones. There is a preference for more white space and background. The images which have contrasting textures get more likes.

3. Using Hashtags

Using proper hashtags is vital for Instagram marketing tips for business. Just by clicking the # symbol you can make any topic to clickable. The use of hashtags is the best way to reach the target audience. People follow the hashtags for the topic they are interested in so it is easy to reach them through the popular hashtags.

There are six types of hashtags- branded, contest, General appeal, niche specific, timely, entertaining. Branded hashtags are unique and specific to the brand and can be shared by the users generating the content for the brand. Contest hashtags are created for the specific contest and its awareness to the audience. General appeal hashtags are common and diverse among the audience. Niche-specific hashtags won’t give you the reach like general appeal but drive more targeted traffic. Timely hashtags are associated with the timely events and get expire after that. Entertaining hashtags serve entertainment to the audience.

There are certain best practices for using hashtags. Firstly, list the hashtags for the brand on your profile. Secondly, try to use the hashtags efficiently and don’t focus on quantity but the relevancy. Lastly, switch the hashtags in the post as frequent usage of same hashtags can lead to spam.

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4. Instagram Stories

Stories are the photos and videos that are visible to your followers for 24 hours and then disappear. But now Instagram has given the features to show your expired stories under one category. There are certain Instagram stories marketing tips to be followed. You can share the moments from the events in your stories. It’s good to share the brand story and remain authentic while sharing. The best part is you can go live on with your story featuring your interview or host Q&As.

5. Instagram Shopping

This is crucial in the Instagram Marketing tips. Only the business profile can sell the products to get your business account approved. Set up your products on Facebook using Bigcommerce or Shopify. Now, wait for the account to be approved by Instagram for shopping. Once it is approved turn on the shopping feature. You can upload your image or images and tag up to 5 items per image and up to 20 if it is a carousel. Start tagging and share your post. Remember you can either tag the people or products in your post, not both. Make sure you add more tags and they are attached to the right products.

6. Sponsored Ads on Instagram

With Instagram Ads, businesses can drive awareness and reach their target audience by increasing the customer base through visuals. This is vital in Instagram Marketing tips to boost the conversions in quick time. There are five different types of ads and they are- Stories, Photo, Video, Carousel, and Collection. Stories ads appear at full screen and between the users’ stories. With the millions of people accessing stories every day ads have a wide reach. Photo ads attract users through top-notch visuals. Video ads drive engagement and enhance the brand’s online presence. Carousel ads have a series of images with call to action to drive the users to the business site. Collection ads have the advantage of purchasing the products directly from the ad. Utilize the type of ad fits your business goals and reach a wide audience and make sales.

7. Instagram Contests

Contests are helpful in building brand awareness, increasing sales, subscribers and engagement. While designing the contest ask yourself the motive of creating it. Pick the right type of contest to get a better response. Choose the proper hashtags. Using a small prize as an incentive will drive many users to participate. There are a few key points to remember while creating the contest. Firstly, choose your entry method and build your contest page with attention-grabbing title, prize photo, entry, and pricing information and last but not the least entry submission form. Promote and share your contest and monitor its performance.

So, now you are aware of how to do Instagram Marketing. Follow these tips to boost the traffic and conversions for your business to make profits.