E-commerce SEO Tips

10 Effective E-commerce SEO Tips to Grow Your Online Store

If you’re selling products online then it is crucial to reach the target audience through higher ranking in the search engine result pages. This is where e-commerce SEO plays a vital role. It will help you to drive more traffic to the site and boost sales.
Here are 10 effective E-commerce SEO tips to grow your online store.

1. Choose Efficient Keywords

Performing the right keyword research is the key to success in ranking your e-commerce site. Long tail keywords will help you to outperform your competitor’s position in the search engine result pages. This will not only improve the traffic but will also increase the conversion rate. You need to discover the intent of users while they search for the products or services. They will more likely to perform the conversational queries so target those keywords for the products or services pages. Choosing efficient keywords is the most important e-commerce SEO tips for the sites.

2. Remove the Duplicate Content

The error for the duplicate pages should be serious and need to fix on the priority. Due to a lot of e-commerce products and services, there are chances that duplicate pages are created often. Sometimes the descriptions are given by seller which is common to many websites thus it needs to be fixed. Most of the times there are different URLs for the category and subcategory which have the same product and their descriptions. This need to be rectified for the SEO tips for an e-commerce website.

3. Fix Technical Errors

Provide excellent usability to the audience by proper navigation, fixing the errors, broken links, improve the site loading speed to reduce the bounce rate. Having a lot of errors can be a disaster for your website. Ensure you perform the regular SEO audit to rectify the errors and provide elite usability to the audience. Don’t forget to link your product page to home page with breadcrumbs to move back to the site.

4. Create Compelling Titles and Heading Tag (H1)

The product titles are important to get high click-through rates in the search engines. Keep the title short and simple with the most relevant keywords. Place keywords in the order of importance so that it will have high visibility online. Try to specify numbers and make it more attractive. Your title should provide the right solutions to the problems customers looking for. Tell the visitors what to do and what not to do. You should have a proper call to action to click the title and visit the landing page. H1 tag should be different from the page Title. Try to elaborate your title in the heading tag of the product pages.

5. Write Attractive Product Descriptions

Unique and attractive product descriptions are the most important SEO tips for e-commerce sites. Product descriptions have a great impact on the sales of your online store. Don’t rely on the descriptions provided by the seller. Create a unique description with the main keywords and make them appealing to make them more Google friendly.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a powerful tool to boost sales for your online store. There are millions of active members on different social media platforms to choose your products. Create social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. Upload the products and services manually or using the social media monitoring tools for different channels and automate the process. Regularly analyze and monitor the social media reports to identify the channel that is effectively yielding the results. Try to explore more on such channels to get a positive ROI.

7. Create the Mobile app

The mobile app is preferred by shoppers as compared to the mobile browser. Having the mobile app is vital e-commerce SEO tips for the online store. Users get high speed plus the shopping experience is better than the mobile site as they don’t need to remember the URL. The mobile app boosts the loyalty of the customers as they trust the brand and show a high level of interest. There are customer retention opportunities to target with the mobile app such as personalization, push notifications, exclusive content, and rewards system. The user experience is often better with the mobile app.

8. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

This is an important e-commerce SEO tips to complete sales. Cart abandonment is the term used in e-commerce for those who add products online to their cart and checkout but leave the site before purchasing. This rate should be reduced in order to boost the sales for the online store. The best ways to improve the cart abandonment are using exit-intent popups, Keep the items in the cart visible, save the cart and sent email reminders. Some other ways are to show security badges to rely on the payment process and offer a variety of payment options. Keep the checkout navigation simple and provide free shipping.

9. Generate Product Reviews

Product reviews are crucial when it comes to e-commerce SEO best practices. In fact, 70% of shoppers refer to reviews before making the final purchase. Reviews help in building the trust and credibility between your brand and customers. You should encourage the reviews by sending out friendly emails and make the reviews easily accessible and rewarding. Always respond to negative reviews to make the customers feel satisfied while shopping.

10. Link Building

Perform video marketing for your products. Connect with Influencers and Bloggers to share your products online with their audience. These are effective link building techniques to get sales from the right audience. Make your products more shareable on social media.

The Bottom Line

These are ten effective e-commerce SEO tips to boost the traffic and finally generating the sales for your online store.