benefits of mobile app

5 Benefits of Mobile App over Mobile Website

Mobile apps and mobile website are going popular as mobile users are increasing day by day. In fact, now mobile users are greater than desktop users. But the app has many advantages over the website. Here is the list of benefits of the mobile app.

1. Better Personalisation

This is one of the key benefits of the mobile app. Personalization is the process to provide better user experience by tailoring the content based on the interest, location, behavior, usage and more. With mobile apps, you can send the customize content as per the preferences set up by users at the start of using the app. It can monitor user engagement and offer custom recommendations to the users. It not only helps in providing great user experience but also improves the conversion rate of the sales. On the other hand, the mobile site runs on the browser with less personal data available for mobile users to target.

2. Push Notifications and Instant Updates

There are two types of notifications- in the app and push notifications. In-app notifications are received when the users open the mobile app whereas push notifications are received regardless of user open the app or not. You can also send instant updates and promote your products to make more profits. There are myriad of benefits of push notifications. They help to attract customers and engage them at various touch points. You can re-engage and retain the users by keeping them active through push notifications. These highly increase the conversion rates. There are no such options available in the mobile site and this is one of the key benefits of a mobile app over the website.

3. Using Device Features

There is one of the key benefits of a mobile app that is using the mobile devices feature such as camera, GPS, phone calls, contact list, etc with it. These features, when used with the app, make the mobile app more interactive and fun. The app acts faster with the device features to perform a particular action or completing a certain task. The mobile app enhances the user experience with the distinct features of iOS, Android or hybrid app.

4. Instant Online and Offline access

The mobile apps are instantly accessible by tapping the relevant icon. This allows the users to get the information as and when needed. Many apps also work offline without the internet as the information is stored locally on the device. This helps in providing the great user experience saving the time of interaction. On the other hand, the mobile website can be accessed by the mobile browser and take longer time to load which irritate the mobile users.

5. Increased Security

The mobile app integrates with the existing security system of the device providing a high level of security. Data protection is crucial when it comes to security for the organizations but with device and system security you can access the data on the mobile devices. The apps can also use mobile device management software which can not only lock the app but also provide the functionality in a better way. MDMs are more secure for the mobile app than the website.
These are the benefits of a mobile app over the website. You should make the right choice for creating an app or mobile website taking into consideration the budget and business goals.